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PRIORITY SERVICE: As a Fighter! You're our priority! This means that when you call you will be placed on our high alert status and be rescheduled ahead of the next objective. 10% Discount: You will receive a 10% discount off the regular price of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, Fire Suppression Servicing, Fire Extinguisher Servicing, and other fire protection services as long as your Grime Fighter plan remains effective. Fire Extinguisher Tags: Annual inspection for 3 extinguishers. Fire Suppression Tags: Annual and Semi-Annual inspections. Fusible Links: Annual and Semi-Annual link replacements. Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning: Plenum, Duct, and Fan

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Type Description
Email xstreampressurebender@gmail.com
Phone (801) 589-2467
Hours of Operation Always open
Categories Power Washing
Products / Services / Keywords / Other Categories Pressure Washing
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